Friday, October 16, 2009

Speed up Torrent speed By PORT FORWARDING

  1. a torrent client like microtorrent (my favourite)
  2. a browser: firefox( again my favourite)
when you open the torrent client for the first time ,you will asked to test the ports to get optimum speeds(shown below)

most of the times the it wont be portforwarded and you would be directed to although most of the times the site helps you in port forwarding ,it didn’t work everytime for me.sometimes it would work and sometimes it wudn’t.there was no REALIABILITY . however it did help me partially.
the following method works everytime for me.
  • start torrent client.(read Utorrent).
  • then in the menu bar…OPTIONS>>PREFERENCES>> CONNECTION as shown below

  • uncheck enable upnp port mapping as shown,note down the random port number it will be used later. click apply and then ok as shown. now close torrent client

Next Step is Accessing Modem Router homepage (for eg;- default username and password is admin 
Then in advanced setup
select WAN
in Right side there will be table
click on edit in 1st row
now save and reboot.

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