Monday, May 24, 2010

Google's database size..!!

The size of google's database is currently 12000 terabytes, and increasing day by day

oh god thats why google has all the answers....!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

IPv4 address to get finished in 500 days...!!!

The IP address that is used to identify computers or devices on the network is going to be finished in 5oo Days.

The IPv4 address we currently use have 4 numbers separated by dots can have numbers from 0-255
for eg:-

This IP address can have more than 1 million combination's. But with increase of devices like iphone,mobiles router's etc,these IP address are going to get finished.

No need to worry as we have IPv6 address its a 128 bit address,to employ IPv6 we need to have some changes in software.

so we will be using IPv6 addresses in years to come

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Apple:i-Phone OS open standards,,,Flash is closed.!!!

The back and forth between Apple and Adobe continues with Apple claiming Flash hinders the progress of new platforms.

 Apple doesn't sound terribly broken up about Adobe's announcement that it would stop developing its Flash-to-iPhone app building capabilities

Now guys what will happen.....can't imagine i-phone without flash..!!

Google buys Angilux...!!!!!

Google has bought a hardware company called Agnilux, which is notable for its formation by ex-Apple and PA Semi employees.

It is the seventh deal made public by the company already in 2010. That's one more acquisition than Google made in all of 2009.

Google's other buyouts this year:

Aardvark, whose social search technology is based on getting your questions answered by those most expert in your online social circle. Google reportedly shelled out $50 million for the company.
reMail, a maker of an iPhone app for searching Gmail and IMAP email accounts. The company's founder used to be on Google's Gmail team and now is right back there.
Picnik, a vendor of Web-based photo editing technology.  The technology works with other online photo-handling tools, such as Google's Picasa.
DocVerse, which supports collaboration using Microsoft Office files. This $25 million purchase bolsters the Google Docs portfolio, as Google ramps up its competition vs. Microsoft in the online document management market.
• Episodic, a provider of live video streaming technology that should complement YouTube's video offerings.
Plink, a two-person U.K. startup that scored a hit with a mobile phone application that identifies artworks and enables users to buy a print.

Buggy antivirus Update by Mc-Afee!!

After distributing a buggy anti-virus update that apparently disabled hundreds of thousands of computers on Wednesday,
McAfee is still at a loss to explain exactly what happened.
McAfee says that just a small fraction of its corporate customers -- less than 0.5 percent -- were affected by the glitch,
which caused some Windows XP Service Pack 3 systems to crash and reboot repeatedly.
McAfee blamed a bad virus definition update that was out Wednesday morning, which ended up quarantining a critical Windows process called svchost.exe.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Meta Search engine.  is a meta search engine which fetches datas from Google,Wiki,youtube,google blog etc
pls give it a try..

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