Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google buys Angilux...!!!!!

Google has bought a hardware company called Agnilux, which is notable for its formation by ex-Apple and PA Semi employees.

It is the seventh deal made public by the company already in 2010. That's one more acquisition than Google made in all of 2009.

Google's other buyouts this year:

Aardvark, whose social search technology is based on getting your questions answered by those most expert in your online social circle. Google reportedly shelled out $50 million for the company.
reMail, a maker of an iPhone app for searching Gmail and IMAP email accounts. The company's founder used to be on Google's Gmail team and now is right back there.
Picnik, a vendor of Web-based photo editing technology.  The technology works with other online photo-handling tools, such as Google's Picasa.
DocVerse, which supports collaboration using Microsoft Office files. This $25 million purchase bolsters the Google Docs portfolio, as Google ramps up its competition vs. Microsoft in the online document management market.
• Episodic, a provider of live video streaming technology that should complement YouTube's video offerings.
Plink, a two-person U.K. startup that scored a hit with a mobile phone application that identifies artworks and enables users to buy a print.

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