Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Parallel Programming!!

Many of us have GRAPHIC CARD in our systems,but we fail to know that wea are having a supercomputer.
Oh! Yes its TRUE!!!
Most advanced cpu processors have only about 4 cores,but a GPU(graphic processing unit),your graphic card has about 900 cores,
if do programming parallely we can incraease the speed of application by about 400-600%
so isn't your computer a SUPERCOMPUTER!!

Parallel programming is increasing its trend day by day,in india there are only few companies using parallel programming,but many companies will adopt this in the coming years.

CUDA Technology is the world's only C language enviorment that allows programmers to devlop programmes which gets solved in fraction of seconds by tapping into the many cores of GPU,by working parallely
CUDA was developed by nVidia!
with help of CUDA we can develop C programmes which work parallely!
It is a free Compiler
Its hardware cost is only about Rs.1500
Parallel Programming is now learnt by most software engineers!!

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