Friday, November 13, 2009

Google To come up with a new operating system!!

We know Google Chrome as more than a web browser,it is much faster and each tab runs as a seperate process and also has its task manager.

Google is extending the project of chrome to an OPERATING SYSTEM for notebooks

the OS is also called CHROME Its Specifications are as follows:
  • Open Source
  • Lightweight
  • Run on Both x86 as well as 64 bit
  • Its Software architecture is simple-it will run on top of linux kernels as well
It will be available in the market till Second Half of 2010

The Features available in CHROME are as follows:-

  • Dekstop Mail client-Gmail
  • Calender-Google calender
  • Google reader-feed reader
  • Video Player-Youtube,HULU

 Hope that it will be a good OS!

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